Project: Karen

Old world tumbled stones meet sharp lines of modern stones. A few design upgrades of borders, patterns, colors and upgraded ledge stones have dramatically increased the visual effect for this entire project.
The front of the home's attention is drawn to the front door with the help of a stunning walkway aligned with pillars and steps to the entrance. Every element of the design that is used in the front of the home has made for an impressive appearance. In the back of the home, a walkway helps ease the transition from a higher elevation to a lower which leads to the main attraction which begins at the base of the Lani. Walls, planter boxes and steps were all utilized to create this great masterpiece. Two other features to mention that we created are the custom egress windows and the focal point within the Lani, the fireplace. Every feature has added uniqueness to this home and has made it a pleasure to work on.

Project: IACS

Although completed in stages from the front of the building to the side of the building. This project incorporated new plantings alongside existing plants in the front and a new construction on the side of the building.
The design plan was to incorporate rows and circles along with creating spots of color as accents. A nice short curvy walkway was created for transition between the patio and a side entrance of the building. Effective low voltage lighting was also used to soften the building appearance at night time.

Project Jason

Many different colors were incorporated in this project to compliment the look and feel of the clientís residence. Straight lines and snake like features are incorporated as well as height throughout the long frontage at specific points.

Project: Jill

Softscape and hardscape come together in this project. Even though the design frontage was tight, we were able to create strong dimensions with the use of rows and pyramidal shapes and a few stones. All of which complement the stonework of the home very nicely.
Straight lines meet soft winding curves in the construction of the two-tiered patio and its walkway. We pulled the look, feel and color of the limestone accent pieces in the front of the home to along the side and back.

Project: Mike

The design centered off of two big features; the beautiful strength and size of a birch tree and the straight modern feel of the stone work. Straight lines of plantings were used to complement these two striking features along with a splash of color.


Deconstruction to Construction. Recreating a functional staircase and opening up the base of the previous retaining wall was the goal. We did it with a strong foundation and by using the correct blocks that were specifically engineered for this particular situation.

Project: Pat

The emphasis is clearly stone. From the walkway, the front patio, the walkway and planting beds, all of the stone work is clearly evident. The design plan was to create an aesthetic pleasing look along with incorporating an environment that was easy to navigate.
Planting beds were also added to use as pockets of life within the stone terrain.

Project: Levan and Renee

Two separate projects that share the same look but with a few differences, One with a paver bed edge and the other utilizing a short retaining wall. A walkway and itís steps are utilized along the side of one of the homes in order to ease the drastic slope to the back of the home.
Very quickly, the eyes are drawn to the straight lines and angles used to keep the walkway close to the home.

Project: Rick

The size, look and height of the home were used in designing the various features in this project. The multi-level long stone wall in the middle of the lawn divides it into two distinct areas.
By incorporating a few existing plants and trees we were able to keep some height while by bringing in many new low plantings we created a new fresh look. The presence is the home itself and the idea is that it should be.

Project: R

The beauty of the stone work on this home should be the showpiece. The landscape plan here was not to take it over but to enhance it. This project is softscape at its best. Rows of plantings and ground covers, a few pieces for height and a few ornamental pieces all brought together to enhance this homeís strong features.

Project: Walter

Many design features are here within the layout of the stone. From the pattern, design of the shape and the old world look and feel of the stones used, all of the elements come together to create a canvas for the client to play in a big space. The project is still in progress and we canít wait to show you the final product.
From hardscape to landscape SC Landscape can do it all. Steve's industry knowledge is second none! Steve, Danny and the rest of the team continue set the standard with the highest level of quality, vision, and competitive pricing!... Michael R
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