Landscape Design

SC Lawnscape will design and install a complete landscape that will compliment and flow with your property and personal desires. SC Lawnscape only use mature, high quality plant material, which in turn will add instant value and enhance the appearance of your property by giving the look and feel that the landscape has been there for years.

Creating a beautiful final product is only a fraction of our business. Because the market has recently been flooded with competitors, it has become a constant reminder of how we value customer service. Whether it is a landscaping project or a weekly lawn maintenance program, SC Lawnscape strives to work with our customers through the entire process, from the initial stages of gathering ideas and discussing options to the closing stages of the final product and installation. We believe that it is important to educate our customers and assist them with any questions or concerns. Thus, in order to give the utmost attention to service and quality, the process involves working with our customers in addition to working for them.

From hardscape to landscape SC Landscape can do it all. Steve's industry knowledge is second none! Steve, Danny and the rest of the team continue set the standard with the highest level of quality, vision, and competitive pricing!... Michael R
I've had the pleasure of working with Steve Lucci for quite a few years now. As a Property Manager, I al ways appreciate a landscaper who is approachable and willing to work with the customer. I have nothing but positive praise for Steve and SC Lawnscape... Donna M.
We are beyond happy with our decision to work with SC Lawnscape for our brick paver patio and landscaping! The owners and crew were very professional, meticulous, and kept our property clean throughout the project. We would highly recommend them! Jillian P.
We've been doing this a long time and we keep on trying to improve and build on previous years. Our goal will always be to provide quality craftsmanship and to surpass our client's expectations...Danny Lucci, Co-Owner, SC Lawnscape
From our initial meeting through completion of the project, SC Lawnscape was personable, helpful, knowledgeable, and available. The crew worked quickly and quietly and was a pleasure to have around not to mention their attention to detail was impeccable. I knew I wanted the landscape to be an extension of our home and SC Lawnscapes did just that! We have been delighted with the results and would recommend SC Lawnscape without hesitation...Carlo T.
We were very happy to go with SC Lawnscape for our landscaping! Roula was a pleasure to work with when it came to planning our budget and the crew was very professional throughout the entire project. We loved our home before but now we truly love pulling into the driveway and walking to the front door " Sue S.