About Us

SC Lawnscape, LLC, is family owned and operated with over 20 years of experience. We have been licensed and insured since 1987. SC Lawnscape places extremely high emphasis on quality and perfection while remaining competitively priced. We possess the work force and equipment to handle any size project. We pride ourselves on delivering quality while possessing the flexibility to adapt to changes and occurrences that may arise. Our experience is based on years of making customers happy by strictly adhering to ideals of integrity, quality workmanship and creativity. We are proud to back up the dedication of our work with the recognition we receive as a reliable service provider. Our customer base, which includes builders, general contractors, commercial and residential customers, has grown rapidly. Our custom work can be seen in many applications; offices, places of business, restaurants, hospitality areas, and homes. Although our customer base has grown to become quite broad, every order is given the same respect, dedicated to provide a quality service Now and in the Future...Dedication to hard work and attention to detail has graciously brought us persistent growth and as a result, SC Lawnscape now has a reputation to uphold. A precedent has been set forth and in order to meet our goals and keep our vision, we must and will follow this pattern of success.